Ari-zona Card-inals Men's Half Zip Performance Pullover Jacket

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There's no questioning your dedication to your Arizona Football. You watch every game, stock the house with (probably too many) snacks, have a team logo on your car and even make the trip to see live games with your buddies. What can be questioned is your lack of proper attire. Sir, the stakes are high and your team is going to need you to step up your gear game. Well, that's where we come in - we're pretty much pros at this. This stylish fleece lined jacket features a classic stand collar, smooth piping along the shoulders that slides down the arms and a comfortable half-zip design that's perfect for watching the game on the big screen at home or posting up at your favorite sports bar to catch the game with the boys. Oh, and if you should decide to venture out to the field, the sleeves and bottom hem are trimmed with elastic so that you stay nice and toasty when you inevitably catch a breeze walking into a mid-season game.